Our product group of special systems includes application and process solutions that cannot be realized according to usual standards.

We can offer you optimum and most efficient system solutions and supplements in the following areas:

  • Process heat generation
  • Hot gas generator or air heater
  • process heat transfer
  • Firing and burner technology
  • Filtration technology
  • EMSR technology, switching and control technology
  • Process control technology/process visualization (also as retrofit for existing plants, as well as third-party products)

We offer all our products and systems as complete systems from a single source. As a general contractor for your project, we can therefore offer you the entire periphery of the plant environment as part of the scope of delivery, in order to avoid interface problems between different trades.

Excerpt from possible areas of the plant environment:

  • Most effective sound insulation
  • Batch handling and/or lifting and conveying technology
  • Batch stocking
  • Thermal insulation/energy saving
  • Complete raw gas/exhaust air piping or clean gas piping
  • Fireplace(s), chimneys

Services in the field of heat process technology:

We are also happy to support you with services in the field and environment of heat process technology.
We offer a wide range of services and engineering.

Flue gas measurements and evaluation

at all heat processing plants

Inspections and assessments of existing plants

  • with regard to the equipment of the safety technology to the current requirements
  • Preparation of risk analyses, determination of performance levels and assessment of improvement opportunities

Optimization of existing plants in the areas of

Energy saving, increase in performance and productivity, increase in product quality, etc.

Of course, we also offer all these services for other products!

Describe us your task - we have "guaranteed" the right solution!