We are an owner-managed company founded in 1992.
We developing and producing thermal process technology systems.

In more than twenty years of our company's history, we have been able to build up a large base of satisfied customers through our well-founded know-how and commitment - which we regard as our most valuable asset and which represents our best and most effective marketing tool through so-called "word of mouth".

We offer our customers highly efficient and tailor-made complete solutions.

  • Complete from a single source on request
  • as turn-key concept
  • from planning through approval to commissioning
  • also for the plant environment

We offer a range of services that is not commonplace and
for your project we even combine seemingly contradictory...


  • Process/measurement data acquisition
  • Process evaluation

Planning, Conception

  • Metrological recording of the installation situation
  • Submission: Concept proposals


  • Pre-engineering
  • Plant design/dimensioning
  • Conceptual design
  • Application preparation


  • Mechanical construction from the design to the complete set of drawings
  • Electrical design from design to complete circuit diagram set
  • Project drawing / Application documents

Measuring and control control technology

  • In-house switch cabinet production
  • In-house S7 project planning (WinCC/TIA)


  • Specialist welding company
  • >85% vertical range of manufacture


  • worldwide assembly and electrical installation
  • Dismantling of old/existing plants


  • Cold / warm commissioning
  • Plant running-in operation
  • Operational support with upstream system
  • Optimization processes (also external plants)

After‐sales service

  • Plant maintenance/maintenance contracts
  • Service & Spare parts
  • Measurements (raw gas/clean gas/process)
  • External plant service

Why Birk?

All of our employees have many years of expert knowledge and thus form the basis for the high quality standard of every plant project. Recurring training courses in all fields of activity of our employees ensure and deepen the high level of training.

  • Only 1 contact person for the entire project - from the award of the contract to us to the punctual handover of the (turnkey) plant to the customer - this guarantees you an investment without interface problems.
  • Well-founded know-how and numerous projects that have already been implemented secure the customer:
    ‐ The tailor-made plant solution specially adapted to the customer's process - even for the most complex initial situations
    ‐ the most economical, efficient and technically optimal system solution, especially for the customer's process
    ‐ the solution specially tailored to the customer's process for a long system service life
  • A solid company structure and professional project management ensures the customer a reliable contact and service even after years of plant operation
  • A very high in-house vertical range of manufacture ensures the customer a unique system quality.
  • Worldwide plant realization and worldwide plant service
  • Conversion, optimisation, service and maintenance ⇒ also of third-party systems/products
  • Absolute discretion is a matter of course for us
  • Quality management according to ISO 9001