Our industrial cooling product line includes furnace cooling systems as well as recooling systems.

Furnace cooling systems are used in the field of high-temperature furnace technology to control the temperature of these production systems in order to protect them from overheating and ensure consistent production quality. Areas of application include carbonization/graphitizing furnaces, sintering furnaces, melting furnaces and related furnace systems.

The kiln and recooling plant is a system for heat transfer by means of a heat exchanger system in order to extract the heat energy absorbed in the primary circuit of the production plant and transfer it to the other medium of the secondary circuit for heat transfer. The use of a recooling system offers a very high potential with regard to keeping the temperature constant at the production plant.

Our industrial cooling system can be adapted to almost any process. They are specially adapted to the customer's application and can also be retrofitted to other processes or extended in cooling capacity. These can also be specially designed for the installation site, so there is the possibility that a cost-effective and effective cooling can also be realized for possibly cramped space conditions.

Excerpt from the range of services - Industry - Cooling systems

  • Compact design
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Very high and wide performance spectrum
  • Cooling towers and dry coolers - depending on the application
  • Various material combinations - optimally matched to the process application
  • Separate primary and secondary circuit
  • water treatment
  • Advanced technology for minimal maintenance

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