Waste heat utilisation / heat recovery at bogie hearth furnace

The company Birk delivers a ready-to-operate waste heat recovery plant for hot water production to a long-standing customer in the field of technical ceramics. The plant is designed for exhaust gas temperatures of approx. 500°C, which makes it possible to recover 650 kW of heat output at a volume flow rate of only relatively low 5000 mn³/h and thus generate flow temperatures of 130°C for further use.

The scope of the plant comprised a section of the exhaust gas supply and exhaust gas discharge in the exhaust gas system of the bogie hearth furnace from the outlet of the Fuchskanal via the heat exchanger of the waste heat recovery system back into the furnace exhaust gas pipe. The independent exhaust air volume flow control of the heat recovery system is guided and controlled in such a way that there is no influence on the upstream pressure control processes in the bogie hearth furnace system. The scope of the plant also includes the entire control, regulation and monitoring technology using our in-house visualisation and control system based on Siemens S7.

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