Waste heat utilisation at the industrial furnace

As a general contractor, Birk supplies a ready-to-operate waste heat recovery plant for thermal oil production to a long-standing customer in the field of technical ceramics and porcelain production.

The system is designed for relatively low exhaust gas temperatures of 250°C, which nevertheless makes it possible to produce thermal oil effectively and economically at a volume flow of approx. 6650 m³/h and to reuse it in an external process or feed it for mobile use.

The scope of the system included the entire flue gas/exhaust air supply and discharge at the tunnel kiln, as well as the thermal oil tanks for expansion and discharge through to the construction of the factory thermal oil piping - naturally including all necessary thermal insulation measures to save energy. The scope of the plant also includes the entire control technology based on the company's own visualisation systems, as well as the entire assembly, installation and commissioning.

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