Thermal flue gas cleaning in special design

Birk supplies a thermal afterburner / thermal exhaust gas purification system as a subcontractor via a renowned industrial furnace manufacturer to a long-standing customer in the field of materials research. The post-combustion plant is designed as a special version and processes the raw gases from the rotary kiln discharged via the combustion chamber ceiling in a suspended version from top to bottom.

This design allows the separation of solid and powdery particles and components from the raw gases during the thermal treatment process. Before the clean gases are transferred from the exhaust gas system in the lower area of the afterburner to the downstream exhaust gas section, part of the solid components are discharged into the separation tank arranged axially below the combustion chamber. For processing aggressive raw gas components and operating the plant at a high process temperature, the post-combustion chamber is completely lined with special fireclay bricks and refractory concrete.

In order to meet the customer's high noise emission reduction requirements, the afterburning system is equipped with a comprehensive noise reduction package, which also includes the 2nd generation low-dB sound insulation cabins on the fans. These measures guarantee a total noise emission of less than 65 dB at the thermal afterburning system. A visualisation system based on S7 developed in-house takes over the entire system control.

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