Thermal flue gas cleaning at high-temperature industrial furnaces

As general contractor, Birk supplies a ready-to-operate thermal afterburning plant / thermal exhaust air purification plant in horizontal design to a long-standing customer from the plant engineering sector. The post-combustion plant / exhaust air purification plant was designed for a raw gas volume flow of 5000 mn³/h from the combination of exhaust gases or exhaust air from an industrial paint shop and drying plant.

The plant has a downstream heat recovery system from the clean gases for preheating the raw gases. The preheating of the raw gases to an inlet temperature of approx. 535°C results in only a low primary energy requirement for the operation of the combustion plant at thermal afterburning. The combustion plant has the latest burner generation of our self-developed industrial combustion plants of the type "greenfire" - for best clean gas values and lowest energy consumption.

The extended addition of a heat recovery system for hot water generation to the thermal afterburning system results in an energetically optimal overall concept for the entire system with an energy recovery of approx. 85%. The system is designed for exhaust gas temperatures of approx. 265°C, which makes it possible to recover more than 300 kW of heat output at a volume flow of approx. 5000 m³/h. The system is designed for a total of approx. 265°C of exhaust gas temperature.

The scope of the plant also included the clean gas discharge into the on-site chimney system at the post-combustion plant. The scope of the waste heat recovery system also included the entire flue gas supply and discharge by means of an independent flue gas system from the outlet raw gas heat exchanger via the tube bundle of the waste heat recovery system back into the chimney clean gas pipe - naturally including all necessary thermal insulation measures for further energy saving.

The independent exhaust air volume flow control of the heat recovery system is guided and controlled in such a way that there is no influence whatsoever on the upstream pressure control processes in the exhaust air cleaning system. The entire control technology based on the Siemens S7 industrial controls is also included in the scope of supply.

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