Thermal exhaust gas cleaning for art foundry

The company Birk supplies as general contractor a thermal afterburning plant / thermal exhaust air purification plant as horizontal execution to a new customer from the range of the art foundry. The post-combustion plant / exhaust air purification plant was designed for a raw gas volume flow of 1000 mn³/h from the exhaust gases of two heat treatment plants.

The thermal afterburning plant is equipped with separate shut-off dampers to enable simultaneous as well as alternating operation of the furnace plants. The post-combustion plant was specially designed for this production and manufacturing process and the existing kiln plants. The exhaust gas cleaning system has been designed to be particularly compact for the required performance data and delivered ready for operation. It has been designed in such a way that it can be set up above the existing furnace systems by means of a special steel platform so that no additional production area is required and no changes in the existing setup of the production systems are required.

Due to the complete pre-assembly and delivery of the plant on the steel console, the assembly time could be reduced to a minimum - which meant only the shortest downtimes for the art foundry. The overall scope also included the raw gas supply from the heat treatment plants as well as the clean gas discharge by means of an industrial chimney system.

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