Thermal exhaust gas cleaning at two Conti furnaces

Birk supplies a thermal afterburner / thermal flue gas cleaning system as a subcontractor via a renowned industrial furnace manufacturer to a global technology group. The afterburner/exhaust gas purification system was designed for a raw gas mass flow of 270 mn³/h - with an included calorific value of 400 kW - from the exhaust gases of a carbonation/graphitization process.

The plant is equipped with a special design of the raw gas inlet in order to meet the limited space conditions of the customer at the installation site. In order to meet the customer's high requirements for operational safety and plant availability, numerous plant components are designed according to the high standards of the SIL classification, which guarantees a high level of protection for the employees as well as a high level of process stability.

The plant has full-surface external insulation in the entire area of the combustion chamber jacket. This is designed as a fully enclosed smooth and coloured sheet metal and gives the system an elegant appearance in addition to its protective function. The entire scope of supply also included the raw gas supply/exhaust into the combustion chamber, the complete exhaust air delivery from all inlet and outlet sluices with bypass function, a platform construction for placing the TNV plant with walk areas at a level above the furnace plants, as well as partial areas of the clean gas discharge with noise reduction. The system is designed as a compact version, whereby it is delivered ready for operation, i.e. electrically and mechanically pre-installed. The entire control, regulation and monitoring functions of the plant are performed by a Siemens fail-safe S7F control, which is equipped with a user-friendly visualization with touch function.

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