Thermal exhaust air cleaning at the continuous furnace

The company Birk delivers three thermal afterburners to a long-time customer in the field of carbon production and processing. The afterburnings/flue gas cleaning were designed for the continuous operation and processing of 2kg/h hydrocarbon compounds from the flue gases of upstream individual continuous furnace plants.

The systems are equipped with full-surface external insulation in the entire area of the combustion chamber jacket to temper it in order to minimize condensate formation, i.e. the condensation of aggressive exhaust gas components on the combustion chamber metal housing.

In addition, the system is equipped with a clean gas temperature control system which continuously maintains the temperatures of the clean gases to be discharged at a level above 400°C and thus far above the condensation temperature. The entire scope of supply also included the raw gas supply and discharge as well as the redundant clean gas delivery to the on-site industrial chimney system. A platform construction for placing the TNV system above the furnace system was provided by the customer for this purpose.

The plant is designed as a compact version, whereby it is delivered ready for operation, i.e. pre-installed electrically and mechanically, in order to reduce the installation time and thus the downtime of the customer's 3-shift production plants to a minimum.

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