Thermal afterburning plant with raw gas preheating

As general contractor, Birk supplies a ready-to-operate thermal afterburning plant / thermal exhaust air purification plant in horizontal design to a long-standing customer from the automotive industry.

The post-combustion plant / exhaust air purification plant was designed for a raw gas volume flow of 8000 mn³/h from the combination of exhaust gases or exhaust air from a painting and drying plant. The plant has a downstream heat recovery system from the clean gases for preheating the raw gases. The preheating of the raw gases to an inlet temperature of approx. 500°C results in only a low primary energy requirement for the operation of the combustion plant at the thermal afterburning. To further save primary energy, the afterburning system is prepared for the connection of a further waste heat utilisation system for hot water generation. The combustion plant has the latest burner generation of our self-developed industrial combustion plants of the type "greenfire" - for best clean gas values and lowest energy consumption. The scope of the plant also included the clean gas discharge by means of a chimney system.

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