Thermal afterburning plant in special design

The company Birk supplies a thermal afterburning plant / thermal exhaust air purification plant as hanging version to a long-standing customer from the material research. The post-combustion plant / exhaust air purification plant was designed for a raw gas mass flow of 15 kg/h from the exhaust gases of a rotary kiln plant.

The thermal post-combustion plant is equipped with an automatic pressure control in the raw gas feed to ensure constant pressure conditions for the complex and sensitive production processes in the rotary kiln plant. The post-combustion plant is specially designed for production processes in which additional non-combustible solids are discharged in the upstream production process. Due to the suspended design of the plant, there is no accumulation of solids in the reaction chamber - the solids collect in a downstream tank and can be discharged very easily, thus minimizing the cleaning and maintenance effort.

In addition to the furnace pressure control, the plant is equipped with a combustion chamber pressure control to be adapted to various processes. The plant is controlled via an insect visualization based on the Siemens S7. The thermal afterburning system has been designed to be particularly compact for the required performance data and delivered ready for operation.

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