Thermal afterburning in the smallest format

The company Birk supplies a thermal afterburner / thermal flue gas cleaning to a renowned chemical company. The afterburner/flue gas cleaning system was designed as a micro plant and processes a raw gas volume flow of 4 mn³/h from the flue gases of upstream production plants.

The plant is equipped with a special design of the raw gas inlet in order to meet the limited space conditions of the customer at the installation site. In order to meet the customer's high requirements for long-term availability of the plant with regard to the waste gas components to be processed, numerous plant components, such as combustion chamber, clean gas section, chimney, have been provided with additional external insulation and, in some cases, with a trace heating system to prevent condensation of aggressive and plant damaging waste gas components in the post-combustion plant.

In addition, the system is equipped with a clean gas temperature control system which continuously maintains the temperatures of the clean gases to be discharged at a level above 400°C and thus far above the condensation temperature. The entire scope of supply also included a part of the raw gas supply as well as the clean gas discharge by means of an industrial chimney system.

The plant is designed as a compact unit, which means that it is delivered ready for operation, i.e. electrically and mechanically pre-installed. The entire control, regulation and monitoring functions of the plant are performed by an in-house control system based on Siemens S7, which is equipped with a user-friendly visualization with touch function.

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