New MSR technology for five existing kiln plants

Birk supplies new MSR technology in a central control cabinet system for five existing kiln plants. The furnaces will be used for debinding and sintering of moulded parts. The MSR technology provides complete control and regulation of the individual furnace systems via the central process controller.

At the customer's request, a Jumo process controller with visualization was used. In the course of the overhaul, revision and renewal of the complete instrumentation and control technology at the five furnace systems, measures for process optimization for the debinding and sintering process were carried out at the same time. The MSR technology now also provides separate furnace pressure control for each individual furnace system and pressure control for the exhaust gas collection system of the furnace systems.

These additional additions enable constant pressure conditions at each furnace system, which have a positive effect on the process results. Birk manufactured and installed the complete control cabinet system - the programming and parameterization of the visualization and the process controller was also carried out by in-house employees. After successful commissioning and coordination with the customer's processes, the new MSR technology was handed over to the customer.

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