Industrial furnace with thermal post-combustion

The company Birk supplies an industrial furnace plant (debinding furnace) with downstream thermal afterburning / exhaust gas cleaning and extensive accessories as a turn-key concept to a long-standing customer in the field of technical ceramics. The industrial furnace plant is designed for an application temperature of 650°C at the customer side. The furnace system is equipped with a specially developed circulating air system for the most precise formation of the furnace atmosphere in the heating chamber.

Further equipment features include a volume- and temperature-controlled supply air system, a furnace pressure control system for constant static pressure conditions in the furnace chamber and the emergency system in the event of unforeseen formation of critical atmospheres in the furnace system. The downstream thermal afterburning system is installed on a steel platform constructed for this purpose directly above the industrial furnace. This offers the possibility of the optimal utilization of the space conditions, short line lengths between the plant parts and smallest possible space requirement in the production, with at the same time good accessibility and thus high user friendliness of all components of the plant. The scope of the project includes an extended package of measures to reduce noise emissions.

In addition to the cooling air and clean gas silencers in splitter design, this also includes the structure-borne sound insulation of the media-carrying lines and media-promoting components, as well as the equipping of the motors with sound insulation cabins, whereby the customer's high requirements for permissible noise emissions are met. In order to enable the customer to use the industrial furnace plant immediately, the turnkey concept also includes the charging racks for the furnace chamber, which are optimally matched to the customer's ceramic bodies, as well as the associated transport and loading carriages.

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