Industrial furnace with thermal post-combustion

Birk supplies an industrial furnace plant (debinding furnace) with downstream thermal afterburner/flue gas cleaning and extensive accessories to a long-standing customer in the field of technical ceramics.

The industrial furnace plant is designed for an application temperature of 700°C provided by the customer. The furnace plant is equipped with an internal metallic retort, which enables an absolutely inert atmosphere during thermal product treatment. A further equipment feature in this context is the motor-driven furnace hood, which enables user-friendly and convenient charging of the furnace system.

The downstream extremely compact thermal afterburning system is mounted on a movable platform designed for this purpose, so that it can be installed directly next to the industrial furnace. This offers the possibility of the optimal utilization of the space conditions, short line lengths between the plant parts and smallest possible space requirement in the production, with at the same time good accessibility and thus high user friendliness of all components of the plant.

Due to the movable platform and the associated quick-release couplings of the respective media lines, it is very easy for the user to disconnect the afterburning system from the furnace system and move it to an adjacent installation site. This makes it possible to make the furnace system accessible from all sides for easier loading and unloading.

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