Industrial furnace - Decoating furnace - Paint stripping furnace

Our industrial furnace systems for thermal decoating and thermal paint stripping enable fast and gentle cleaning of steel components of any format from plastic adhesions and paints.

The paint stripping systems are available in almost any furnace usable space size and can be adapted directly to the loading geometry required by the customer. Thus, net useful volumes of up to 85m³ can also be achieved. The loading of the furnace system can also be adapted to the customer's requirements - so that a choice can be made between hydraulically operated swing doors or lifting doors, as well as hydraulically extendable furnace doors.

Loads of more than 10to payload and smoulderable mass up to 1000kg are no problem for our large plants. We deliver the thermal decoating and paint stripping plants complete with thermal exhaust gas cleaning and exhaust gas aftertreatment.

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