Industrial dryer - Temper furnace

Birk supplies an industrial dryer as a tempering furnace for the thermal treatment of ceramic foils. The plant is designed as a turn-key concept and was delivered to a long-standing customer in the field of technical ceramics.

The industrial dryer is designed for use under clean room conditions. The industrial dryer system is equipped with a specially developed circulating air system for precise temperature distribution in the entire usable space. This has been supplemented by a further feature - the rhythmic system also developed in-house - which ensures the most optimal and uniform formation of atmosphere over each individual component of the load by switching the direction of flow of the useful space in a timed manner.

Further equipment features include a volume- and temperature-controlled supply air system, pressure control in the loading chamber for constant static pressure conditions and speed-controlled exhaust air delivery. The scope of supply also included the design and implementation of the entire system control with visualization based on S7F. The exhaust air system of this newly installed dryer plant is connected to the collecting pipe of an existing customer exhaust gas cleaning system by means of thermal afterburning. This also originated from our company.

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