Industrial cooling plant for silage kiln

The company Birk supplies an industrial cooling plant for a silage kiln as subcontractor via a renowned industrial kiln manufacturer to a long-standing customer from the automotive supplier industry.

The cooling system was designed for temperature control and temperature stability at the industrial furnace for a siloing process. The plant has a continuous cooling capacity of 200 kW. The plant has a special piping design to meet the customer's limited space requirements at the installation site.

In order to meet the high customer requirements for operational safety and plant availability, individual plant components are designed redundantly, which guarantees a high operational reliability of the refrigeration plant and thus also a high stability of the upstream production process.

In order to meet the equally high requirements for noise emission reduction, the noise-emitting system components are equipped with the company's own low-dB sound insulation hoods for noise reduction. These measures guarantee a total noise emission of less than 64 dB at the refrigeration plant.

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