Exhaust gas cleaning with raw gas pressure control

The company Birk supplies a thermal afterburning plant / thermal exhaust air purification plant in customer-specific special design to a customer from the food treatment industry.

The post-combustion plant / exhaust air purification plant was designed for a raw gas mass flow of 2 kg/h and a simultaneous exhaust air volume flow of approx. 720 mn³/h from the exhaust gases of an upstream special heat treatment plant for stimulants. The plant has a special design of the raw gas inlet for two separate plants, as well as a customer-specific arrangement of the further plant components, in order to do justice to the strongly limited space conditions at the installation site.


In order to meet the customer's high process-related requirements regarding the static pressure conditions in the upstream production plant, the post-combustion plant is equipped with a fully automatic continuous raw gas pressure control system. In order to ensure optimum mixing and thermal conversion, the raw gas feed line to the reaction chamber has a special and specially developed process for feeding air (atmospheric oxygen) and raw gas.

The plant is also equipped with full-surface external insulation as protection against contact and to reduce the plant surface temperatures in the entire area of the combustion chamber jacket. This is designed as a smooth, lacquered sheet metal jacket and, in addition to its protective function, gives the system an elegant appearance.

The entire scope of supply also included the raw gas supply/exhaust, a platform construction for the placement of the TNV plant, as well as the noise-reduced clean gas discharge by means of a silencer and an industrial chimney system. The system is controlled and operated via a PLC S7-based Siemens control system with touch display. The system is designed as a compact version, which means that it is delivered ready for operation, i.e. completely electrically and mechanically installed.

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