Customfire" burner generation - industrial furnace

The company Birk introduces the further developed burner generation "customfire" for all thermal afterburning plants with exhaust air volume flows greater than 1,000 mn³/h. This burner generation also features an improved and refined air mixing and distribution system.

This industrial combustion system offers the possibility of optimising energy costs and residual pollutant emissions by a defined combination of the raw gases with the combustion gases and the combustion chamber atmosphere. Due to the additional pilot flame, this combustion system is recommended for use in flue gas cleaning systems with lower-reaction flue gases/raw gases - i.e. this industrial combustion system is particularly suitable for use in thermal afterburning systems for the treatment of difficult flue gases or in our flue gas cleaning systems with simultaneous introduction/after-treatment of oxygen-laden/oxygen-free flue gases - the omnivorous systems. The "customfire" generation is also suitable for use or retrofitting in existing plants - replacement of other makes on request.

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