Combustion chamber for heating exhaust air volume flows

The company Birk supplies a heating-up/combustion chamber in customer-specific special design for "seamless" integration into the on-site process control to a globally operating customer for his plastics and coating division.

The combustion chamber was designed for an exhaust air volume flow of approx. 285 mn³/h from upstream special process and production plants. The plant has a special multi-part design of the raw gas inlet as well as a customer-specific arrangement of the other plant components in order to meet the limited specific space conditions at the installation site.

In order to meet the requirements of the critical raw gas compositions supplied to some parts of the plant, the raw gas section section on the plant side has a special course, partly automated shut-off valves and volume flow monitoring elements adapted to it. The plant has a corrosion-resistant design of the reaction chamber housing and full-surface external insulation in the entire area of the combustion chamber jacket to ensure a long service life even with critical exhaust air components.

The external insulation is designed as a fully enclosed smooth and coloured sheet metal and gives the system an elegant appearance in addition to its protective function. In addition, the entire system has been designed for outdoor installation, including unprotected installation. The system is controlled and operated via the in-house PLC S7-based control system with touch display. The system is designed as a compact version, whereby it is delivered ready for operation, i.e. completely electrically and mechanically installed.

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