Catalytic exhaust gas purification

Birk supplies a catalytic post-combustion / catalytic exhaust air purification system to a renowned customer in the epoxy resin industry. The afterburning/exhaust air purification was designed for a raw gas volume flow of approx. 150 mn³/h from the exhaust gases of an upstream production process.

The entire KNV system is completely integrated into a 10ft container to meet the customer's required placement conditions at the installation site, which requires integration of the post-combustion system into the overall outdoor system of the production plant. In order to meet the high customer requirements for operational safety and plant availability, numerous plant components are designed in accordance with the high standards of the SIL classification, which guarantees a high level of protection for the employees as well as a high level of process stability. The plant has a full-surface metallic cladding in the entire area of the thermally loaded plant components.

This is made of polished aluminium sheet and, in addition to its protective function, gives the system an elegant appearance. The entire scope of supply also included the raw gas supply/exhaust system with bypass function, the container system, the raw gas/clean gas conveying system including sophisticated pressure control, the entire control technology as well as the internal heat recovery system to reduce primary energy consumption. The installation of the complete KNV system in the 10-foot sea container enables the problem-free installation of the flue gas cleaning system in the outdoor area during the year of age - for this purpose, the interior of the container is additionally temperature-monitored in order to activate the ventilation or heating as required.

The system is designed as a compact version, whereby it was delivered almost ready for operation, i.e. pre-installed electrically and mechanically, so that the entire installation, including commissioning to production readiness, could be realised in a small time window. The entire control, regulation and monitoring functions of the plant are performed by a Siemens based control, which is equipped with a user-friendly visualization with touch function.

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