Air-to-air heat exchanger

Delivery of a ready-to-install air-to-air heat exchanger to a long-standing customer in the field of industrial furnace plant construction for integration into the exhaust gas section of a bogie hearth furnace. The heat exchanger is used for preheating the combustion air in order to significantly reduce the energy requirement of the bogie hearth furnace firing system through the preheated combustion air.

Thanks to the special multi-purpose design of the heat exchanger system, it is possible to preheat the combustion air volume flow from 900mn³/h to up to 550°C despite the compact external dimensions. The heat exchanger is designed in such a way that it is also possible to operate the heat exchanger without combustion air preheating - i.e. without cooling by the combustion air volume flow - in the furnace flue gas section.

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